Notfasts Jill McIntyre, emerging from a longish period of injury went to do the Derwent Water Dambuster 10 miler. Run for the local Challenge Cancer charity, Jill was with an exclusive bunch of some 200 participants who were treated to lovely views, glorious waterfalls, etc.

Those who know Jill will smile when reading her comment …”The very best thing about this race, apart from the scenery, is the tea and home-made cakes at the finish—You don’t need medals or yet another t-shirt , tea and cake is all you need”

Jill got round in 1.49, slower than last year, but very good, given that she has been virtually run-free for the last four weeks

Stuart Ashley was near Corby, Wilbarston to be precise for the Valleys and Views 25 miler. An 8 am kick off started with good conditions but showers and hailstorms gave, as our intrepid man put it…”Added Interest”

Our Stuart was also pretty chuffed that this soaking was a bargain at four quid to enter, including some grub….now I don’t want to take anything away from Jill and Stuarts fine efforts, but when I get a bit peckish I tend to drift towards the fridge rather than Corby. Am I that odd ?

Stuart got the cake prize for 25 miles in 7 hours 4 mins.

David Watt and Liz Walton were also at the Valleys and Views. Liz describes the event as very well organised and on a mixture of quiet roads, footpaths and bridleways with lovely views.
They completed the 16 miles in 3 hrs 30 mins
Kath Ashley and Wilf, the hound also walked the 16 mile route.

Let’s look at the main event from the weekend.


Seven Yellow Perils were there at the start, All with their own anxieties about getting through 26+ miles of the most fantastic Marathon in the world, ..fantastic for so many reasons: The Setting,.. The Atmosphere.. The Crowds,.. The Noise,.. The Thrill,.. this is an event that deserves so many superlatives. 37,000 people with each having a unique take on what running is all about.
Notfast stepped up to the plate, stories, best heard first-hand, not from this idiot. Here goes :

Mike Bullock…………….3.21.49

Marilyn Hatherley………4.11.49 (35th in age group)

Colin Parker…………….. 4.17.39

Darren Appleton……….. 4.36.24

Diane Thorpe &
Martin Dickenson……… 4.37.28

Mary Freer……………… 5.43.28

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