Results 24/09/2019

There were 35 club members over 6 Parkruns this week. PBs for Amy Parkes, Simon Keyworth and Mark Hawkings

The weekend was dominated by the Belvoir Equinox 24 hour race held in the grounds of Belvoir Castle. It’s a mixed terrain 10k loop against the clock, with a beast of a hill included. Members try to complete as many laps as they can in 24 hours, all total times include rest/transition breaks.  (also available was a day and night standalone 10k)

In all, Notfast members ran a total of 1790km over the course of the 24 hours (combined)

Notfast had 19 brave solo runners

In the Pairs:
Adrian Dix ran with Breeze Rowlands (Stridefast United) – completing 8 Laps (80km) in 19:16:08 – Adrian completing 6 laps and Breeze completing 2 (in addition to the Day and night 10k below)

Completing the Day 10k

Breeze Rowlands – 01:04:02, Debbie Pickles – 01:07:18, Kate Fisher – 01:06:58, Kelly Dowling – 01:16:54, Henrietta McCabe – 01:17:15, and Laura Smith – 01:28:16 (Course PB)

And completing the Night 10k
Dave Fargher – 01:01:52, Cathy Clarke – 01:14:39, Ernie Clarke – 01:14:41, Laura Smith – 01:37:00, Henrietta McCabe – 01:51:52

Equinox24 – Notfast
Equinox24 – Andrew Rowlands

In other races: Kimberley Etherington-Bates completed the Global Energy 10k In 50:21

Completing the 5k of the same race: Mark Hawkings- 38:52, Leanne Lawson  – 38:55 (PB) and Sarah Ridley 38:54

Janet Davies was in Derbyshire for the Wild Warrior 5k obstacle course with er daughter, completing 17 obstacles in around 50 onites, including a 6ft fence panel, a couple of swims and 3 full submerges.

Further afield, Piotr Dura took part in the T’owd Man trail half marathon from Cromford, Completing in 02:28:57