Chatsworth House, next to the Derwent in Derbyshire is about as ‘English’ as you can get, well, for an Italianate Neoclassical pile that is. It’s history goes back to the formidable Bess of Hardwick..not a Lady that you would mess with. …don’t Mess with Bess.

Just imagine what the 18th century Cavendish family would have thought had they looked out of the window on a Sunday, of all days, to see a mob of half-undressed commoners running, if you please, on their manicured gravel below them.

Blimey this lot of sweaty individuals would have made the Toffs reach out for the Smelling Salts.

“Young Lady..can you make an account of yourself for these unnecessary exertions ? and, pray what exactly is the need to have writing on your apparel ?..are you a Mercenary for someone called Adidas ?

Suzanne Birkett would have some explaining to do and spluttering nonsense like “good marshaling”..”prompt start”..”Chip timing” would only accelerate her trip to a dungeon in Bakewell.

Tough day , Wind from all directions, Rain from all directions and, Hills from all directions

This 10k run is for Helenstrust..a Charity that helps people with terminal health problems. It is based in the Derbyshire area, and its Patron is no less than the Duchess of Devonshire, as in, Mrs Chatsworth…so things have moved on a bit, havn’t they?

Suzanne of Hardwick got round in 64 minutes

Nearer home at Holme Pierrepont, four Notfasts stood shivering with nothing as grand as Stately Home to admire.(that’s three ‘Homes’ in one line, you’re doing well..Ed) , only the never ending ruffled surface of the lake with its population of waterfowl..Kate Fisher, because she is in that line of work,..took a dim view of the parenting skills of Ducks..quote..”Would you take your ten babies out on a lake in this wind ?..They were actually going backwards, at least we humans on dry land were going forwards…just”

So this was the 40th Notts 10 mile race, Kate was in Baby School when the first one was run off back in ’71, (and oddly she is still there now !). Pierrepont offers absolutely no shelter from the wind, none..not a scrap..not a jot.   Ten miles of this takes grit, Notfast grit.

Four from the Club ran, and this is how they fared:

Colin Green           1hr 42 mins 43secs

Martin Dickenson   1hr 26mins

Kate Fisher            1hr 32mins

Andy Pritchett        1hr 32mins

Kate was pretty chuffed with an orange t-shirt with a big 40 on the front and will treasure it as a reward for one of the toughest of races.  So let’s hear it for Notfast runners and their tousled hair-dos, ..well except for Andy that is.