38 Club members over 6 Parkruns, PB for Eva Marhoefer, Shoutout to Janet Davies’ Mother, Margaret Purdey, running a Parkrun PB by 8 mintes and 49 seconds on Saturday

There was a great spread of Notfast members taking part in events over the weekend, enjoying the lovely weather:

4 members took part in the 10.8 Mile trail race on Saturday, the Dukeries 10 at walesby: Anthony Cork 01:20:08, Steven White 01:32:14, Claire Wood 01:38:51 and Dianne Kennett 02:13:00.

5 Members were in Northumberland on Sunday for the Endurance life Northumberland races, Doing the half marathon: Angela Brown 02:32:02, Annette Taylor 02:32:03, Jacqui Walton 02:44:41, Maria Brambles 02:44:12

Caroline Upton completed the 35 mile ultra in 07:05:51.

Also on Sunday was the Advance performance Peterborough “Winter” 10k, Not a very wintery race but we had 4 members taking part: Stuart Chase 00:53:20, Claire Wood 00:54:10, Barry Wod 0:54:12 and Lisa Needham Leach 01:05:19.

A little closer to home was the Clumber trust 10k on Sunday, 6 members taking part: Sue and Steve Needham 01:09:21, Ernie Clarke 01:13:11 (first race after hip replacement – huge well done), Netty Stevens with Cathy Clarke Guiding 01:07:40, Jill Fowkes 01:09:47(PB).

Zanna Perry was in Leicestershire for the Stilton 7 mile road race completing in 01:07:38

Much further afield was Nick Harisson, in Disneyworld Orlando for the Disney Princess weekend. 5k on Friday 00:44:55, 10k on Saturday 01:37:276 and a Half Marathon on 03:28:12.

Well done to all runners

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