Wollaton Park in Nottingham is always a pleasant place to visit and is one of the City’s playgrounds, a place to stroll around, walk the dog, kick a ball about, take the Girlfriend to ‘Look at the deer’, sit down for a picnic….or run 10,000 metres in 20 degree heat.

Now that’s exactly what three Notfast Running Club members had in mind .

Nottingham Athletic Club however, had in mind that, given the conditions, a late start and NO water stations would increase the charm of the all terrain two-lapper….Hmmm. Expect what you will.

John Miller, more than a tad parched did a good 58.47..”How can they get away with not supplying water”?

Suzanne Burkitt..recently overworked, sought refuge behind a tree…end of, as they say.

Wyn Thomas,who sounds by his report to have been in a totally different Space /Time continuum. Smiled his way round, admiring the views, doubtless waving to the crowds…get this..50.43…Bish-Bosh…Personal Best

Funny business, this running lark.

Spalding Tri Club, meanwhile put on the inaugural Tulip 10k at Springfields, near, well… Spalding.  Two hundred runners enjoyed good organisation, lovely atmosphere, and ooh, whats this ?..lots of water to drink, gosh, they think of everything don’t they?

An unusual Out-and-Back course made marshaling easier and gave the race a compact feel…all pretty Fen Flat but on quiet roads through Britain’s Vegetable Patch this was a good run.  Messrs Bullock and Oakham wished each other well and set off at remarkably different speeds to meet up about an hour later at the finish…gosh Mike can shout !…so.

Mike Bullock……39.38..23rd out of 202..his best 10k for a long time.

Bob Oakham……58.54 ..mirrored Mikes run by being about 23rd from the back.

Springfields is a great place to visit, the landscaping and flower displays are excellent, there are shops and places to sit out and have a coffee, even a ‘Skinny Latte’..whatever the devil that might be.. all round good place to take your Visitors when you’ve run out of ideas of how to entertain them.

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