Kate says an  exhausting but very enjoyable week .

Results, prize winners only

Overall (having completed all 5 races)

  •          Chris McDonnell 1st 50-59 male
  •          Marilyn Hatherley 2nd 55+ female

12 NOTFAST members completed all 5 races out of a total 31

10km Race – Friday

  •          Chris McDonnell 1st 50-59 male
  •          Joanna Pendleton 2nd 35-44 female
  •          Marilyn Hatherley 2nd 55+ female

16 NOTFAST members took part out of a total 48.


Notfast Running Club were out and about at the weekend.

Wyn Thomas completed the Stathern 10k in 48.35

The Summer Solstice 10k at Long Bennington, its second year, saw three members take part:

Ann Manley………………56.40

John Geeson………………51.51…Personal Best

Steve Hodson-Mackey…46.11…Personal Best

The Durham Dales Challenge , near Consett, County Durham attracted Edward Casebourne and Stuart Ashley to take part in a gruelling 30 mile hike.  This event boasts some 4000 feet of ascent and was made all the tougher with the heavy weather over the weekend.

The duo finished in 10 hours 55 minutes.

See Stuart’s report below

Still ‘up North’ , Mike Bullock also endured wretched conditions while running  “The Wall”..this is a 69 mile ultramarathon that follows Hadrians Wall from Carlisle Castle to Newcastle Millenium Bridge.  His fantastic time of 14 hours 33 minutes was well within his target time of 16 hours and, given the gruesome conditions all the better given that he finished 61st out of 300 competitors

Bob Oakham

Durham Dales.

As it was Edward’s 70th on Sunday we had to do one last walk in his 6th decade so on Friday evening we drove up to Consett, Co Durham an area where he lived in his early years.

We stopped at a very comfortable and well equipped bunkhouse (we were the only ones there) and after breakfast on Saturday drove the 10 miles to Wolsingham.

The horn went off at 9.00 precise and we started The Durham Dales Challenge with a nice flat walk through the village, over the River Wear and then UP and UP, firstly on the road then onto a track but always UP for about two miles then onto the moors where you felt the force of the strong winds – and then the rain started, driving straight across the moor. Waterproofs on – quickly – getting wet before they were out of the rucksack, and when we got them on they stayed on all day as the rain although not heavy was on and off about every 15 minutes all day.

Anyway, over the heather clad moor on a single track wet and muddy path, this is more like a January walk than June, and though Hamsterley Forest sometimes through the heather and sometimes on forest roads, jump or paddle though the swollen streams. Out of the forest and more moorland paths to checkpoint 3     where were advised that checkpoint 4 could not be accessed due to the River Tees being over the banks and to go via the black barn and the school field to get to CP5. This was not quite as straightforward as it sounded as there was more than one black barn and the first one you saw wasn’t the right one ! Eventually after a discussion with fellow walkers we found the correct route and CP5 at Middleton in Teesdale where we were welcomed with plenty of food and drinks.

From CP5 it was uphill again to CP6 and then back across the moors to CP7 which was at a tent which was in danger of being blown away, onward though the old mine workings and onto the moors again where it was really wet and boggy, over the top of the boots on several occasions. CP7 appeared on the edge of the moor, felt sorry for the marshalls, drinks in the open, a few cakes at the entrance to a small tent where they were getting little shelter from the driving rain. From here we dropped down to the side of the River Wear for the last 3 miles back to Wolsingham and the finish where we we provided with a good hot meal followed by a hot shower before the 3 hour drive home.

A good enjoyable but very hard walk which we’d both like to do again but with better weather and underfoot conditions next time.

A good one for the ultra runners in the club !

30 miles, 4000 feet of ascent. 10 hours 55 mins.

Extract from LDWA website

The helpers on the DDC yesterday deserve thanks for putting up with what could be the worst weather experienced in twenty three years. Coupled with a strong wind that prevented shelters being erected, they were rained on frequently and persistently and it was damn cold for June.

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