It was a weekend for the Half-Marathoners of Notfast:

The McDonnells went to Norwich for their opportunity to get buffeted by the wind on the East Coast.  A flattish, two-lap event that is centred about the Showground saw Chris finish in a decent 1.36.28 and Lyn cross the line with an “acceptable time” of 2.05.02.

The Clowne Half Marathon is a different story altogether..Derbyshire, so , by definition ….Hilly !  Also not that comfy to run in any conditions, given that there are sections of ‘open road running’, so traffic can be a worry.  Kate Fisher reported on a “Well organised and marshalled event with plenty of water..(much of it on the roads).  On a bright, cold and windy morning Kate was baffled as to how a circular course could have ” More ups than downs”.  Five tough Notfasts slogged it round,..this is how they fared:

Darren Wilkinson        1 58 10

Noel Henderson          1 59 18

Darren Appleton          2 02 04

Kate fisher                   2 04 33

Colin Green                 2 29 38

Its good to see Colin back on the road after a period of injury.  Club members might also remember that last year the Clowne event was where George Combes ran his 100th ‘Half’…a superb accomplishment for a man in his 77th year, who had only taken up running at the age of 59 !!

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