Wasn’t last Sunday smashing ?.. were by the pool with a parasol and a Pimms.

“Fancy going for a run then “?..”Get lost, I’m stopping here in the shade with my book…Byeee” !!

George Combes and Colin Green were in Mansfield for the Half Marathon…..”HOT and HILLY”.  Colin’s report to me made it very clear that success on a day like this was about finishing,,.. alive,..nothing about times. This would be George’s 96th Half Marathon, four to go George. Congratulations to you both.

Maralyn Hatherley, at the Sleaford 10k, was also at the mercy of the torrid conditions but nonetheless put up a fine time of 55.18. Mrs Hatherley did not have a good time of it though, and this writer will spare her sensibilities by not expanding on her experience of the run.

In distant Norfolkshire,..Reedham to be precise, Oakham lined up with 370 ‘Real Runners’ for the Humpty Dumpty 10k,..funny for sure, it’s the name of the local brewery, a worrying gang of local talent were there………Yaxley Running Club arrived in a 44 seat bus,..all the rest were from the ‘Lowestoft Walk on Water Club’ or the ‘Wroxham Hill Flattening Squad’…an old bloke from Notfast RC, Newark was hardly going to strike fear into the hearts of this calibre of runners.

It was horrible.

The heat, the Beacon Hill climbs,..and NO WATER (they had run out and the Kind Lady invited me to lick water off the table) at 5k made this the stuff of Medieval Torture…at 6k your man was sucking water out of his, grateful cupped hands…some marshall had a big poly tank of H2O to render a desperate Oakie to a spluttering, gagging, walking wreck.

“Fancy a run then ?”

“Get Lost”…………wouldn’t have missed it for the world…..so as you are asking… 68.10…a PS…Personal Slow

Some bloke, doubtless called , Wayne, or  possibly, Dwayne,won this farrago of a run in 34ish minutes,…make no mistake the Nike doll already has pins stuck into it.

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