The Wilmot Wander (aka The Wilmot WALLOW)

A 32 mile challenge walk / run around the city of Derby including several sections where you had to wade through floodwater well above the knees !

David Watt and Liz Walton ran (where they could) in 8 hrs 55 mins

Stuart Ashley and Edward Casebourne walked in 11 hrs 01 mins

David said ‘The pleasure was immeasurable…as at times was the mud and melt water.’

This is what Edward said :-

After the snow, which had been anything up to 30 cm deep and the rain had come down in torrents we thought it good idea to go for a walk all round Derby – the weather forecast for Sunday 27th January was, after all, wall to wall sunshine with temperatures rising to at least 7deg,  ideal for walking and running.

We woke at about 5am to find the snow had disappeared, which meant that we would not have to battle our way through snow drifts!!

Are mud and floods worse or better than snow? This all depends on the amount. If you like mud then the Wilmot Wander was the perfect place. It was 32 miles long so assuming a path width of around two metres and an average mud depth of 15 cm, so half the length comes to 7680 cubic metres of mud. This is a very conservative estimate. In many places the mud was far more than 15 cm deep. Fortunately all the mud was not in one location, although sometimes it did feel like that.

Then there were the floods. In previous years, at one place we would have crossed a river using a footbridge and enjoy the views. This year we were not so lucky. A raging torrent completely covered the footbridge so the enterprising Notfast walkers studied the maps supplied and decided to divert around the flood. We were surprised when we re-joined the path to witness several wet individuals who had risked all and made it across the river.  (we learnt later that David and Liz risked it, arm in arm) Fine if you are tall. For others less fortunate the icy water was up to waist high.  There was flooding in many other places too, frequently above boot tops so we all had squelching boots from 3 miles onwards.