Jeremy Reichelt ran The Notts. 5m event along by The Trent in Nottingham on Wednesday.  He finished in 38m03s.

Steve Needham continues to impress by completing The Outlaw Triathlon.  This gruelling event, which was made worse by the heat, involved a 2.4mile swim at Holme Pierrepont 1h46m46s, 112mile cycle through the countryside 7h14m10s and a full 26.2mile marathon 5h25m12s. Steve’s excellent overall time of 14h45m17s kept him busy from 6 a.m. until 8.45.17 p.m.

The Major event this weekend for NOTFAST members was The Adidas ‘All in 24 Thunder Run’. NOTFAST fielded four teams to run 6 mile off road laps through woods, track and farmland for 24 hours, though sweltering heat, rain and darkness.

Many ‘Thunder Runners’ started the day with the nearby Conkers Park Run, which Adam Holland finished first of about 500 runners.

Caroline Upton ran as a ‘solo’ runner supported and ‘mothered’ by Beth Webster.  David Watt also ran as a ‘solo’, well cared for by partner Liz Walton.  Both ran for the whole 24 hours with stops only for food and drink.  Both finished apparently wrecked but within minutes seemed to be full of cheer and ‘as good as new’, well not quite.  Caroline covered 14 laps (84 miles) while David ran 13 laps (78 miles).

We entered a team of five who covered 25 laps (150 miles) in total.  Adam Holland, Peter Waller, Piotr Dura, Anna Fisher and Andy Pritchett all ran well and were kept in line by Colin Green.  Adam’s attempt to sprint a short uphill section to become ‘King of The Hill’ resulted in a very creditable 4th place.

The last team, of seven, was controlled and managed by Jill Oakham.  Kate Fisher, Martin Dickenson, Darren Wilkinson, Jo Pendleton, Jeremy Reichelt, Bob Oakham and our very welcome guest Emily Betty, all ran happily and successfully to complete 21 laps (126  miles).

It was a great weekend enjoyed by all, resulting in a lot of satisfaction and no significant injuries.  It is a weekend celebrating all the best attitudes of thousands of people joining together in a large sports event.  There was good nature, camaraderie, mutual support and care, encouragement, tolerance, happiness, really all you could hope for and all from people who were tired from running and sleep deprived.

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