Last weekend five Notfast Running Club members made thier way to Quorn, over Loughborough way in Leicestershire.   Quorn is not that stuff that Vegetarians eat,.. well,.. it is.. ,but..(stop right now…Ed).. its a real old fashioned Village with a Town Cryer, its famous Hunt that Prince Charles used to like and most interestingly it has an On-Line Museum.

None of these attractions were the reason for the Quintet being there, for a start His Highness was in Portugal with Mrs Highness.

The Charnwood Marathon Challenge was much more attractive to those who go in for seriously long walks.

Stuart Ashley describes a ” fairly cloudy day that was a bit chilly on the hill tops” and no great surprise there as he had elected to do the 26 miles over a course with a total of 2564 feet of ascent.  Colin Green in his words ” coming out of hibernation “..(Colin spends the winter in a big box of straw in the shed ) was happy with the shorter (?) course of some 15-odd miles. He liked the route and grub at the end, but was less impressed with the weather . Dick Brumby favoured the “run, walk and scramble ” technique to get round the trail of footpaths and tracks. It all sounds lovely, it must be,  because these guys keep comimg back every year for more.


Stuart Ashley..26 miles in 6 hours 53 mins..matching his pb ’09 time.

Jim Dixon..26 miles stormed round in 5 hours 54 mins

Dick Brumby..15 miles 2 hrs 37 mins

Colin Green ..15 miles in 4 hrs 08 mins

Kath Ashley and faithful hound ‘Wilf’.. 15 miles in 5 hrs 24 mins

So the next day, with Colin  comfortably  back in his hay box, Stuart Ashley pals up with Edward Casebourne to trek down to Newmarket for the Daffodil Dawdle, yup, another Marathon distance to round off a relaxing weekend. On a cool day that got much warmer as the miles rolled on Stuart was disappointed that at the Feed Station all of the sarnies were eaten and the chaps were left with only tea and biscuits. This is fine if you are a blood Donor but not very good if there are still another 16 miles to cover. Fortunately at 22 miles at another Feed Station the couple had the luxury of some High Octane sandwiches and cake plus a cuppa. Now this had the required effect and despite 1059 feet of ascent the Dynamic Duo were rewarded with really good times:

Stuart Ashley…………..7 hrs 36 mins…Course PB

Edward Casebourne….,7 hrs 36 mins…Course & marathon distance PB  by 22 mins !!..described by Stuart as “A Star !”

I want some of those sandwiches !

By comparison, a mere 10k was all that five other Notfasts had to cover at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham. The race was a fundraiser for the Anthony Nolan Appeal. Every 23 minutes someone is diagnosed with Blood Cancer and the Stem Cell research represents the only source of hope. Get out the old calculator and check my figures…every 23 mins…thats about 23,000 a year.

Makes you think, eh ?

Wollaton Park is a smashing place to run . Uppy-Downy on a wide range of surfaces, grass, tarmac, gritty stuff and water if you happen to run into the lake with its many ducks and geese. The Elizabethan Hall sits atop a hill looking fantastic and is a very wierd backdrop to the many Charity Runners dressed as Batman and Robin, Buzz Lightyear, Bananas and a bloke with his pants on his head, oh, and two chaps ran in Speedos . The Notfasts were, by comparison a bit of a dull possee, as usual looking a bit like road menders in the trademark flouorescent yellow tops. There was indeed very few Club Runners to be seen, it was a very ‘studenty’ affair with a very easy going feel to it.

Results ??…here goes :

Chris McDonnell………….40 mins 16 secs

Lyn McDonnell……………53 mins 18 secs

Ann Manley……………….55 mins 15 secs

Mary Freer………………..58 mins  57 secs

Bob Oakham……………..61 mins  26 secs..who really was in need of those High Octane sandwiches.

The event was won by a guy in 32 minutes who crossed the line and promptly lit up a fag !…so this weeks training tip is, forget all that ‘carbo loading’ and ‘isotonic rehydration’…nip down to the shop and get 20 Benson & Hedges.

By the way.

Jill McIntyre wasn’t there on Sunday so nobody ended up in the lake.


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