Brief Results.

Steve Hodson-Mackey completed the Burton10 mile event in 1 hr 22 mins.
Mike Bullock was not beaten by the hot temperatures in Edinburgh ; he completed the Edinburgh marathon in 3hrs 22 mins.
Dick Brumby did the 37 mile Tonya’s Challenge off road cycle ride which started and finished in Southwell visiting many local villages along the way, he completed the course in 3hrs 30mins.
Steve Needham completed his first open water triathlon, the Speedo Big Triathlon held at Holme Pierrepont in 1hr 42mins 51s.
At the Sheffield ½ Marathon Chris McDonnell completed the course in 1hr 35mins 20s and Lyn McDonnell finished in 2hrs 03mins 47s

Members own reports

A 2 lap course relatively flat apart from “the hill” which you do twice, a bit steeper than Coddington Hill but there are lots of supporters shouting at you to get up it. The last mile is downhill into the park where the microphone man gives you a welcome boost for the last 0.1 mile. All in all a great race for a PB potential and well supported with 350 bodies on the way round although it was very hot- but great for the tan!!
My time was 1.22.00 exactly which is slightly bizarre!
Steve Hodson-Mackey

A very toasty Edinburgh marathon today.
Great scenery, running along the coast, thru little Scottish villages,
finished in 3hr 22. However 28c is not good weather for 26 and a bit
I’d recommend this race to any club members, it’s well organised, lots of
loos at the start, and they have 2 separate starts – one at 0950 for sub 4
hours (even this was put into graded pens) and a separate start at 1000 from
a separate location for the rest, hence no congestion despite 15000
Great race village, good catering and a big stage with entertainment

The only gripe, and it’s a massive one is the finish. The finish is 45
minutes from the city at Musselburgh, and last year they laid on no
transport and no taxis, which meant uproar.
This year they put buses on, but from Wallyford ,which is 2.5 miles uphill
from the finish. Whilst I am not renowned for my sanity, even I know this is
not going to go down well.

And a 4 hour drive home!
Mike Bullock
Out on the bike again today taking part in the 37 mile route of Tonya’s Challenge mainly off road. In aid of Southwell Care Project.
Starting from Southwell Rugby Club the course crosses over the hills to the River Trent via Epperstone, Lambley and Burton Joyce. Then along the riverside past Gunthorpe Bridge and Hoveringham. It then turns back across more hills to Southwell via Gonalston, Thurgurton and Morton.
Great ride with lots of cake, was a bit warm and bumpy today though.
No official time yet but I think I was under 3hrs 30mins, a best yet by about 30mins.
Dick Brumby
John Miller took on the following event but unfortunately did not finish. Read on, look at the temperature, then ask yourself – could you have done it ?
Well done John.
Great Wall Marathon, China
19th May 2012 . 5,164 steps
Won by Louis Alonso in a time of 3:39:28
The buses depart from the International Hotel car park in the Beijing Center at 3.00am. for Yang and Yin fortress, which lies in the village of Husangyaguan village 120 kilometres west of the city, to arrive ready for the 7.30 a.m. start.
Three groups of 1700 full and half marathoners set off five minutes apart from the compact assembly area, and it is only a short climb to the entrance to the Wall. The second and third groups encountered occasional congestion where only single file running is possible typically where it is safer to use the hand rails for support. It is easy to get distracted by the spectacular scenery.
After seven kilometres the route leaves the wall and follows tarmac, concrete and gravel tracks. The half marathon runners diverge with the full marathon route going through two further villages, Duanzhuang and Xlaying with cheering locals on route.
After Xlaying at around 16 kilometres the road climbs steadily for eight kilometres to the half way check point at the mountain village of Quingshanling and good views of the surrounding hills and Darn Lake.
A seemingly short steep descent down to the 16 mile marker is as far as I got. Being taken by the ambulance for treatment due to the heat at 31 C with high humidity and little or no wind.
The remaining runners continued back to the Wall before the 6 hour cut off time for the second Wall section in reverse.
1. Spectacular scenery and respect for the engineers who built the Wall .
2. The temperature from the first race in 1999 have ranged from 16 C to 32 C
3. The toilets at Yang and Yin fortress were typical Chinese squat down in a line of eight and not for the faint hearted.

John Miller.

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