David Watts enjoyed a more relaxing run, after his Polar Marathon (below), with Liz Walton and Bob Oakham at Beacon Hill Leicestershire. They ran The Skeleton Run, in the dark, with ghouls, vampires and blood stained fiends.

Peter Roberts ran The Steeples and Spires marathon through the mud and rain to finish in 5h59m.

Three members had a windy run at the popular Worksop Half Marathon. Darren Wilkinson finished in 1h55m18s, Piotr Dura in 1h40m06s and Mark Jackson in an excellent personal best of 1h37m26s.

Polar Marathon

This is David Watts report from the Polar Circle Marathon. The so-called ‘Coolest Marathon on Earth’ was held on 19th October 2013 with 99 runners from 24 different countries following a marathon or half-marathon course from the ice cap back to Kangerlussuaq, which lies about 100 miles inland from the west coast of Greenland. We had a tour of the route on the day before to see what it was like!

The race began with a rifle shot about 2K from the ice cap. This ice cap is very slippery even though covered with snow. Because of the danger of falling into a crevasse, it is strictly forbidden to leave the marked route on the inland ice. A gravel road took us up on to the ice. A 3K loop on the ice cap, with markers to keep runners away from crevasses, brought us back on to a gravel road with about 35K to the finish. The road was built by Volkswagen some years ago to test their vehicles in harsh environments; it was abandoned not long afterwards. Most runners wore micro-spikes for running on the ice cap and some of us kept them on for the entire race. The air temperature was about minus 5 degrees Celsius for the race start at 9:00am, rising to just below zero as the sun rose. Luckily there was little wind. The temperature dropped in the following days to about minus 15 degrees Celsius. The winner was an elite Portuguese runner finishing in 3 hrs: 15mins: 04 secs. I came 40th out of 60 marathon runners, wearing number 40, in a time of 4 hrs: 47 mins: 46 secs. Hopefully there will be a finisher’s photo of me wearing a NOTFAST vest (over everything else).

Surprisingly the first people I met on arriving in Greenland were a group of four ladies from Cleethorpes doing the same race!



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