The highlight of many runners weekend, or even year, was The Adidas Thunder Run.  This annual run has been well supported by NOTFAST since its inception in 2009.  Our runners are always especially welcomed and celebrated along with others who are now know as ‘The Pioneers’ of the event and we boast some of the few who have competed every year.  The event is held at Catton Park Derbyshire and consists of a 10 kilometre off road route through rough grass, stony tracks and woods.  The route is hilly and rough with tree root hazards and wet holes.  It is tough at any time but in the dark during a thunderstorm it is more than rough but an exhilarating experience.  Runners run laps for 24 hours from noon Saturday to noon Sunday.  Runners can compete as individuals or in teams.  2700 runners ran the event and they are supported both by the event organisers and friends and family who make sure they are fed and watered, socks, shoes and clothes are changed, rest is possible and morale is kept high.

We entered with a team of eight including Kate Fisher and her daughter Anna, Jo Pendleton, Bob Oakham, Mary Freer and her nephew Allistair Exworthy and Cheryl Kempster these were supported by Jill Oakham and Colin Green.  Twenty laps were completed.  The first eight hours were almost unbearably hot but when Kate ran her second lap the gods emptied every bucket of water they could find on us and lit the skies with spectacular lightning.  Kate slipped and slithered home muddy and on a high.  Who’s next?  Jo Pendleton jumped at the chance and returned an hour or so later, now in full darkness, bursting with enthusiasm and excitement.  She had run through torrential rain, thunder and lightning.  All the trails were rivers, all dips were ponds, there was no way out she just had to slip and slide, splash and paddle her way round having a wonderful time.  Her enthusiasm was contagious and the rest of the team followed on in similar vein all reporting the awful conditions and the fun of it all.  As day broke the rain stopped after a continuous eight hours and we could dry out a bit and finish off the race with the temperature again rising.  All together we managed 20 laps.

Two of our members, who maybe need to see some sort of analyst, chose to run as ‘Solos’ and do as many laps as possible in the time.  David Watt was supported by Liz Walton who fed and cared for him between laps.  He took it nice and steady eating well and resting at times to complete 12 laps, to total 120 kilometres of running.  Our extrovert, Mike Bullock was supported by his wife Nicola who was wife, mother, nurse and make up lady.  Mike ran as a ‘disco diva’ covered in makeup, glitter and sequins and wearing a tutu.  Mike did his bit to entertain the crowds while also running 12 laps.

Elsewhere, on Wednesday, Pete Tatton ran The Notts Five mile race in 51m53s.

Steve Needham travelled to London for an enjoyable weekend and another special event.  He completed The Virgin London Triathlon over the Olympic distance in an excellent 3h11m36s.

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