On Saturday Ali Lawrence represented Notfast Running Club in a truly unique event…as in ..this will never happen again. The run was in London and was called the National Lottery Olympic Park 5 mile Run. Getting into this event was, in itself a lottery as entrants were picked by ballot and only 5000 of the many that applied would get a start.  Alison was one of the lucky ones.

The run was a circuitous course in and around the Olympic Village at Stratford, East London. Runners went off in ‘waves’ to prevent bunching.  The attraction of running around the Village with its brand new architectural marvels is pretty obvious, but the opportunity of finishing in the main Olympic Stadium as the first athletes to compete there is a kind of Runners Dream come True

Alison finished in 42 minutes and 12 seconds, coming in 2159th and 298th in age group.   Congratulations from all at Notfast !


The Grantham Cup 10k was staged by Grantham Running Club on a blissful day at Belton House.  It was part of the annual Horse trials weekend where everything Horsey and indeed Doggy can be seen at close quarters. There is an extensive ‘village’ of stalls where a wide range of food and drink can be had as well as all manner of horse stuff, posh clothing, posh everything in fact…I have no doubt that somewhere there was someone selling Tweed Underpants.

A course to demonstrate that Lincolnshire can be anything but flat…the run takes participants up to Bellmount Tower, the Folly Arch via a leg-busting hill of over 200 feet. This is no run for the weedy or unfit.  In such perfect conditions all who took part seemed very pleased with their times.  All the course is off-road and suits those who like it tough and who can run downhill fearlessly.  Well organised and marshalled, the ten Notfasts who ran had a great time of it with the added bonus of having loads of grub available in the Village.  Here’s how they did:

Mike Bullock               42.56…12th finisher

David Watt                  49.55

Darren Wilkinson         52.12

Noel Henderson           52.48

Darren Appleton          52.49

Caroline Upton            54.06

Dick Brumby                54.16

Andy Pritchett              58.20

Kate Fisher                  58.22

Ann Manley                 60.24

A little more about the event. Its Patron is a Lady called Claire Lomas, a horse rider of some standing. In 2007 while ‘Eventing’ she had an accident involving her horse and a tree. Airlifted to hospital she was left paralysed from the chest down. A very tough and determined individual she fought herself back to some fitness and as a true test, in a couple of weeks time she will be the first paralysed person to walk the London Marathon using a ReWalk Bionic Exoskeleton Suit.  This amazing 29 year old has raised £50,000 for the Charity “Spinal Research”…she expects to take two weeks to cover the 26-odd miles…amazing !

Anyone moaning about their current injury status ( and that includes me) could do with a bit of serious thinking, it seems to me.


A late result from the recent Lincoln 10k from one our newer members, Richard Hallam.

Richard was 69th overall in a time of 37:19 – about 30 secs quicker than 2011 Lincoln 10K and was 11th in M40-49 category.

69th out of 4375 !!!  ——-  Well done Richard.

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