Report from Colin Green.

Today in continual rain of varying intensity from ‘light but horizontal’ to ‘stair-rods too heavy to be deviated from the vertical’ I jogged, walked, slipped and slithered up and down and up and down The New Hangover Hike.
This starts in the marina in Dewsbury then after a warm up for a mile or so along the canal we climb up to Emley Moor to be blown here there and everywhere.  We then do lots of ups and downs then make our way back in a big loop to the canal.
It is a good friendly traditional walk, there were 90 entrants doing distances from 10m to 21m.
I opted for 17.25 miles (plus an extra bit when I went off piste) which I accomplished in 4h 30m including 20 min stops for falling over, food and drink.
A good start to the New Year.

Report from Ann Manley.

I got off to a slow start, clocking 58:15 at the Weston AC Hangover 10k (Weston Super Mare – while staying with the parents) – not a great time, but, hey, it’s a Season’s Best, I wasn’t last, and there’s plenty of scope for improvement. I also got a spot prize (no idea what for) and got a free T-shirt!

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