Two Notfast Running Club Ladies went to Heckington for the annual Ten Miler, a flat course with no shelter from the brain frazzling heat that the day afforded to the 200 or so runners who lined up to the start line. This is the longest running race in the district, having been run since 1965, a year when this writer was a spotty 15 year old..( this goes on the record…Ed ).
One very good reason to visit Heckington is to visit the 1000 year old 8 sail windmill, the only remaining example in the country…and it works !

Maralyn Hatherley 1 hour 35 mins

Suzanne Burkitt 1 hour 37 mins….1st Lady over 35

Top results on a tough day.

In deepest Derbys /Staffs territory fourteen club members were to be found in a huge field amongst some two thousand like minded headcases..ooh and why, pray ? I hear you enquire.

This is the deal…12 midday to 12 midday Sat/Sun…on a gruelling 10k course…kipping in tents…running through the night, avoiding Harry Potter evil tree roots…treacherous ascents and scary descents. 24 hours of leg bashing…sleep deprived…jet lagged exhillaration
Notfast had a team of eight, one of five and a solo runner..

Thunder Run 2011 –

NOT POSSIBLE without the managers and team support

The team of eight did three 10k laps each
This is what they look like: Colin Green
Bob Oakham
Mary Freer
Jo Pendleton
Diane Thorpe
Martin Dickenson
Wyn Thomas
David Watt

The team of five did something like 4/5 laps each….Andy Pritchett
Kate Fisher
Caroline Upton
John Blundy
Jodie Walton

Mr Solo…Mike Bullock who ran for 24 hours, without sleep, to cover 170 kilometres, that is 4+ Marathons…take some time to take that in…
Thunder Run is a unique running experience by any ones book, but all the more significant in that Notfast has been there since the first, diabolically mucky run with a scant 130 participants, in 2009.

Twenty Four Hours

Fourteen runners

Mike …..170 k

Total distance covered 650 k

Any one reading this had better not put this down as a Fun Run…this is a quality Vets Squad of hard runners, who have the maturity and experience to combine Athleticicm and Joy that leads to a unique opportunity to have …The time of your life.

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