Pete Tatton ran The Beeston Trent 5 mile in 51 mins.

Piotr Dura took on Mo Farah at The BUPA 10K in London. He failed to beat Mo but succeeded in achieving a good time of 43m11s.

Chris Baker and Claire Moyes-Baker ran the popular Woodhall 10K along with 1052 others in the sunshine through lovely countryside. Chris ran in 51m04s while Claire finished in 58m27s.

The inaugural Newark Park Run was an all-round success. The weather was perfect and about 150 participants took part and ran the 5K course. Seven NOTFAST members supported this initiative to bring sport to everybody. Andy Watts ran in 31m08s and was first in his age group, Bob Oakham ran in 32m36s and was second; Richard Hallam’s time was 19m46s and he was second in his age group. Other times were; Piotr Dura 23m01s, Lyn McDonnell 29m19s and Stuart Hawkes 30m58s. Mike Bullock also ran with his two boys who are showing great promise – perhaps they will join the club in 25 years time when they are veterans.

Steve Needham completed The Outlaw Half Triathlon in 7hrs 33 mins 8 secs.

A late report from Caroline Upton, her own report below says it all !!

1st June saw the inaugural City to Summit Rat Race Ironman Triathlon, starting in the cold waters of the Firth of Forth and ending with a scamper up Ben Nevis. For some bizarre reason I decided it would be a grand day out … I blame the guiding spirit of Mike Bullock..he wasn’t there, he didn’t do it, but am sure it’s all down to his influence…. anyway, in the event it wasn’t the full Ironman distance – booo! Unseasonably cold water in the Firth of the Forth means they had to cut the swim down to a mere 1.2km – believe me with water temperatures of about 8 degrees C this was quite far enough! Following the freezing dip, next challenge was getting out of wetsuit with frozen hands – and frozen everything else come to that….once completed, a gentle 112 miles bike ride through some of Scotland’s finest hills followed – for someone who finds Caythorpe Hill a challenge I quickly came to the conclusion that this was not a good choice of route/event! The slog up Rannoch Moor and through Glencoe was enlivened by a piper in full highland dress playing ‘Flower of Scotland’ – or maybe I was hallucinating by this stage?? By the time I got to the bike/ run transition in Glencoe village I was a complete space cadet (yes, even more so than usual). The 26.2 mile run was more of a stagger/ walk/ jog/ swear combo…..mainly off road, up some really choice hills, with the final checkpoint on the summit of Ben Nevis, before a stagger down to Glen Nevis to finish… sadly for us slower ones, by the time we were very nearly at the top of Ben Nevis it was a) dark, b) snowing (!yes, in June!!) and c) rubbish visibility, at which point a casualty on the summit and rapidly deteriorating conditions prompted the organisers to close the summit checkpoint and start sending us down with 3 hours of the event still to run-nonetheless I think the full marathon distance was covered, just didn’t get the chance to plant a flag on the top! Still counts as a ‘finish’ in my book anyway!….arriving in Glen Nevis some 18hrs 45 mins after setting off it was a great joy to find free beer awaiting. (or was this more hallucination?)…. all in all a Grand Day Out! Never again – until the next time…….

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