Gill Beaumont and Dick Brumby chose a lovely day to visit Charnwood Forest, and more specifically the village of Woodhouse Eaves, for the 3rd May Day Challenge.  13.5 miles of an undulating multi terrain course lay ahead. On what Dick describes as “a good ,well organised event, well way marked for the participants…and with nice cake too”. The area is all pretty lovely, with nearby Bluebell Woods and the village of Nanpantan, where, incredibly, all the residents wear Coolie Hats and live on rice…hmmmm.

Gill chose to walk the distance in the company of Kate Else from Newark AC and was 11 minutes faster than in previous years with a time of 3 hrs 39 mins ..good stuff.

Dick ran, essentially, the Half-Marathon in 2-1-22 with only one spot where walking made more sense.

Not a million miles away in Derbyshire, Derwent Water to be precise, the lone figure of Jill McIntyre was to be seen lined up with a select field of 200 runners for the Dambusters 10 Miler.

Derwent Water was one of the practise sites for “Operation Chastise”, used by 617 Squadron on the days leading up to the devastating attacks on the Ruhr Dams in May 1943.  617 were based just over the way a bit at Woodhall Spa…try the Petwood Hotel for Sunday lunch and a look at the ‘ Squadron Bar’

Jill speaks of a ” stunningly scenic and well organised race around the Derwent Reservoir ” . This Notfast Lady cannot recommend the race too highly,…and not least of all because she hacked 2mins 18 secs off her ‘previous’ with a Personal Best of  1 hour 26 mins 45 secs.

So then, how about getting out that old ’78’ of the Dambusters March, that funny thing with your fingers so you look like you have goggles on …and do a Victory Loop round the lounge for Jill and the other Notfasts,who, were it not for ‘617 Squadron’, might not be given the thrill of belting around our fantastic land largely in the search of …good cake !!