Last weekend some twenty two Notfast Running Club members were out and about, participating in five very different competitions. .

Darren Appleton went to the village of Hose..there must be a village somewhere in the UK called ‘Sprinkler’ or something ……(I give in …Ed ),… for the Belvoir Half Marathon. As one of the early season road ‘Halfs’ it is a good indicator of a runners general form, which for our Darren looks pretty good.

589 runners took on the course ,described by some, as pleasant, no hills, well organised with good parking.

Darren, who could easily get a job with MI5, waxed lyrically, and I quote.

“Sunday 3rd April 1hr 55mins 12 secs”

It would appear that Mr Appleton was neither shaken nor stirred…

Fine, now lets go to Sherwood Forest…its very dark…who’s here then ??…oh that will be Jill ‘Mad Mac’ McIntyre.

The Scene…

Pitch black, head torches, plunging into dense thickets, steep banks, devilish hurdles, scramble nets, elastic ‘spider web things’ and the occasional muddy patch on the way to the ‘Merry Maze’ complete with smoke machine to completely disorientate anyone not from ‘The other side’….wooooo !!!

Jill describes a kind of ‘Blair Witch’ experience.

Oh, and they’re dressed up as Maid Marians, Robin Hoods and Sheriff’s !

I’m sure that Jill does occasionally devote herself to an evening in, buffing up her cuticles ,..but not that night.

10k in the dark took 1 hour and 46 minutes.

See Jill Grin !!

More Notfasts were in Caythorpe, the one on the beautiful Lincolnshire Ridge

Caythorpe has some really lovely parts for those that like a bit of the old ‘nice house’ stuff. Looking at the quality of stonework and particularly the Estate walls with their fine cappings could be enough for many.  The village also boasts a very attractive 14th century Church.

It would be nice to think that the seven Notfasts thought about the above…

No, they were just going for a very long run or walk.

Colin Green went for the ‘big one’,..Marathon distance…and came in second out of the eleven who had walked the distance. Colin felt that it was a ‘lonely’ walk, and yes, you bet it must have been, a lovely setting, there must have been so much that one could have chatted about en-route.

Colin’s time was 6hrs 56mins 56secs

Caythorpe also offers a 13 mile option. This was the choice for five others. Dick Brumby had a good run in 1hr 56mins 40secs

Darren Appleton , Kate Fisher and Andy Pritchett ran together in 2hrs 12mins.

Gill Beaumont walked the course in 3.30. Kath Ashley also walked finishing in 4.26. Catering at the end was apparently very stretched as the 13-milers had scoffed all the good stuff, leaving Colin a bit cake-less !

There’s more…the Grantham Cup 10k is part of the Belton Horse Trials and a good place to be regardless of the run. Why is it that people only eat Ostrich Burgers at these do’s ??

The run is all off road on ‘sheep grass’ this is always hard work, but add to this an unreasonably steep hill that takes you right up to the Folly Arch and you have an absolute leg-bashing brute. Those that took part enjoyed it, in that slightly suspect way that will always baffle non runners. Reports of good marshaling, fine views for those with the energy and inclination to look…and not least of all, home brewed beer and jammy dodgers at the finish !!  This how they did :

Jill McIntyre ………..56.43  6th vet lady

Ann Manley………..62.24

Wyn Thomas………56.02

Now we go to Lincoln for the 15th 10k race in that most fine of cities. On a super morning some 5000 lined up with the treat of closed and car-free roads. On a pretty flat course with very good marshaling, excellent crowd support and the fabulous finish running part the Cathedral onto the Castle Lawns, this is a good run. Marred somewhat by a late start and Idiot Runners who start too far forward and end up walking after a few minutes, thereby becoming human street furniture (this always happens at Lincoln).  Results :

Mary Freer…………….60.34

Matthew Cramp………51.00

Suzanne Birkett……..56.34….PB !

Ali Lawrence………….54.39

Darren Wilkinson…….57.03

Claire Moyes………….1.00.17

John Geeson………….51.50….PB for the 64 year old…Wow !

Chris McDonnell……..41.47

Lyn McDonnell……….54.26

Pete Tatton……………71.40

Bob Oakham………….62.49

All went home, having had the best weather of the day and were treated to The Biggest Medal in the World..65mm x 75mm to be precise.

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