David Watt and Liz Walton competed in the Blithfield Olympic Distance Triathlon on Sunday – along with Liz Fleuty, a former Notfast member  The event is organised by Punishing Events and the swim certainly turned out to live up to its name – 1.5k in a very choppy, algae-infested reservoir (toughest swim Liz has ever done – seemed more like avoiding drowning than swimming!).  The bike course (40k) was undulating and also windy followed by a stony 10k run.  Times were:

David – 2 hrs 48 mins 36 secs
Liz W – 2 hrs 59 mins 25 secs
and Liz Fleuty a creditable 2 hrs 45 mins 16 secs

Steve Needham competed in the Virgin London Olympic distance Triathlon on Saturday.
Times were as follows;
Open Water swim 1.5km  48:12
Bike 40km 1:26:57
Run 10km 1:06:29
Total time 3:34:55
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