Most members seemed to have looked at the weather forecast last weekend and decided physical exercise would be best avoided.

However, Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and some Notfast members who should have known better did go out in the midday sun !!

PEAKERS STROLL report from Stuart.

“On Sunday Edward, we’ll go to church and then spend the rest of the day relaxing in the garden as the weather forecast is good.”

“Well if it’s going to be nice Joyce, I think I’ll go with Stuart and Colin and do The Peakers Stroll, it sounds like a nice ‘stroll’ in The Peak District.”

WRONG !!!!!!!

HOT, HILLY AND HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it was a nice day, but that heat just sapped all your energy.

A nice steady walk for about a mile, from the start at Peak Forest, then the climbing started, gradual at first and getting steeper. Up Mam Tor, on to Hollins Cross (we weren’t too happy either ! – it was warming up and so were we.) Still climbing up, over Lose Hill and then downhill to Hope. “Hope we haven’t got to go up there”. “Oh that’s Win Hill and yes, we’re going up there.” A fairly steep climb to Twitchill Farm and then it starts, steep uphill with a vengeance and the sun’s beating down. You feel like you’ve won at the top of Win Hill !

At last a downhill to the edge of a very low Ladybower Resevoir and a chance to sit down for a few minutes with a cup of tea and a sandwich at the checkpoint.  “Come on, time to go, don’t get too comfy, you should have stayed at home with Joyce.”

A nice flattish stretch took us to the northern end of the reservoir and then …. well up of course ! Up to Hope Cross, we were in the trees and out of the sun for a while but….. where was that breeze…. not there !!! On to Jaggers Clough, down the hill and up the other side and on to the YHA, “No Edward, we’re not stopping for the night,  yes, ok, you can nip behind the tree for a minute then catch us up. ”

A flatter mile brought us to Edale and another checkpoint. “What, no squash left” ….. “Well I’ll try and squeeze a drop out of the container”. “Turn left on the main road for about half a mile then turn right” ….. “But that will take us up that uphill track”. ” Yes, that’s right we’ve got to climb back up to Hollins Cross where we were this morning”.  That was a slow, steady climb, the tank was getting empty, energy levels were dropping ! Nice to get to the top and find a bit of breeze.

“Was that the last hill Stuart” …. “Well, we drop down there to Castleton to the last checkpoint and then you see that hill the other side”…… WHAT !!  We’ve got to go up there as well !” ……” You want to get back to Peak Forest, don’t you ! ”

And so it was, down to Castleton, no squash here either  … and the marshal asked if I was a runner ! ” Don’t be silly”. So on our feet again and UP Cave Dale, a long steady slog, levelling off at Old Moor with the last mile mostly downhill …. thank goodness for that.

“Did you enjoy that Edward” …. “Yes, great walk, thank you !”

Where was Joyce when we got home? Well, where else but relaxing in the garden !!!!!!!

Listed as 25 Miles but the GPS showed 22  ……. That was enough in that heat.

4200 feet of ascent and the Garmin said I had burnt 2187 calories. How many cream cakes is that worth ?

When I got home the scales showed a loss of about 4lbs !! Think most of that will be fluid loss and will soon be back !  What would the Lucozade Man say about that ?

Colin and Stuart 8 hrs 30 mins.

Edward  8 hrs 39 mins

Jim Dixon also did the 25 (22) he soon disappeared after starting and finished in  5.52.

Dick took on the 17 mile option as a runner, starting at 11.30 rather than 9.30 for the walkers.

Walked all the up’s from the start, was going well until Hope CP, then I didn’t seem to run much after that, with lots of stops on Win Hill and Cave Dale. Sore neck and shoulders from to much sun!”Dick

Dick  finished in 3.52.

Kath and Wilf, the trusty hound, took on the 13 mile route which was the same  common route to Hope but then cut back to Castleton to pick up the longer route to return to Peak Forest.

Time 5 hours 24 mins.

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