Rutland Water Marathon

Jodie Walton did the Rutland Water Marathon today and covered the distance in 4 hours 5 mins. This was Jodie’s first marathon and was delighted with her time as the weather was cold and very wet (heavy rain the whole way) but a good friendly vibe and great scenery.

Manchester Survival of the Fittest.

More hay bales, cargo nets, scramble nets, traffic cones, sandbags, water filled skips, running up down and around the Etihad stadium, steeplechase course round an athletics track, walls, hurdles and 2 dips in the Manchester Canal oh and a water slide! Based around Man City’s ground Jill thought it was a lot tougher than Nottingham and completed it in approx 1:28

Jill says her shins look like they’ve been beaten with baseball bats and she’s taken 4 splinters out of my hand and has got another on the back of her thigh!

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