Fourteen Members of Notfast Running Club took part in the Rauceby Ripper 8.5 mile trail race.  Organised by Sleaford Town Runners, and starting from South Rauceby in  Lincolnshire  “The Ripper” offers what has been described as “Picturesque scenery with great views”. Now what was also on offer this year was  frozen ground with a covering of snow, and also bright sun and  bitterly cold conditions.
The event was largely run on private ground, and a bouquet of  flowers was offered to the Lady of the Manor as a token of thanks for allowing a hundred or so runners to run amok on the Estate Land
Those Notfasts that reported in, all enjoyed the race…oddly only one mentioned the goody Bag that contained ..chocolates, a key ring, a little gold shoe memento,…and wait for it ..a bag of crisps…crisps !!…Runners Nirvana.
The following times are largely ‘self timed’ as the author of this piece is exiled in the frozen mountains of Bulgaria and has limited access to detail, so, dear reader, please accept these times as pretty accurate, if not official.
Darren Appleton
1hr 08mins 45s
Noel Henderson
1hr 08mins 45s
David Watt
1hr 09mins
Wyn Thomas
1hr 10mins 20s
Kate Fisher
1hr 12mins 34s
Andy Pritchett
1hr 12mins 34s
Liz Fleuty
1hr 17mins
Ann Manley
1hr 21mins 55s
Claire Moyes
1hr 23mins 52s
Colin Green
1hr 25mins 35s
Suzanne Birkett
1hr 26mins
Mary Freer
1hr 34mins
Dick Brumby
Walked 2hrs 13mins
Gill Beaumont
Walked 2hrs 13mins
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