NOTFAST members have been far and wide doing events with problems both natural and organisational.

The natural problems occurred at The Grantham Cup 10K and consisted of a mountain to be ascended twice, once fairly gradually and once straight up and some rough ground.  Four of our runners overcame the hill and rough going to finish in surprisingly good times.  David Watt was 2mins faster than last year in 53m32s followed by Liz Walton a full 7min faster than last year in 62m14s; Ann Manley refused to let her dodgy knee get the better of her and beat the course followed 1h09m by Marilyn Hatherley who had hurt her ankle early on due to the rutted course.

The organisational problems disrupted The Sheffield Half Marathon to such an extent that it was officially cancelled.  However runners took the initiative and ran the course anyway with help from the Sheffield public.  Despite all the delays and chaos Chris Mac Donnell still managed to complete in 1h40m20s.

Jonathan Van-Tam is one of our newer runners who has recently started to race.  He ran The Derby 10K beating his previous PB by 5minutes, to finish in 1h07m52s.

The 5000 runners in Lincoln for the 10K seemed to get away without any major problems.  Darren Wilkinson finished in a fine 46m11s followed by John Geeson in 52m34s.  Tina Bellamy and Heather Denny had a lovely day running together to finish in 58m52s.

Andy Pritchett, who will run London next week, ran the Blackpool Half marathon in 1h59m06s.

Not to be outdone, Piotr Dura is the furthest afield.  While still on holiday in Poznan he ran the half marathon in a PB of 1h32m14s to come 450th overall in a field of 7000.

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