It seems to be generally agreed that the Innuit People, up there in the Frozen North, have Fifty words for snow, and I for one shall not dispute this fact.
I wonder if the same Innuit People, about to tuck into a Reindeer Burger or Seal Pie ever consider that Runners in Great Britain have fifty words to describe Mud. Here are but a few…can you add more to the list…there is a prize for the best one .
Slithery, Soggy, Squelchy, Slippery, Sticky, Boggy, Claggy, Pongy, Oozy, Silty, or just good old fashioned Pooy.
None in the land more keen to partake of this Smorgasbord of Slime than the good members of Notfast Running Club, and to this end a bunch of them were to be found on Saturday Morning in the charming Vale village of Harby. So I hear you all ask..”Whats the big attraction ?”
The Belvoir Challenge, that’s what. This event has been going for years and is extremely well organised and also very much in demand, participants need to apply for a place about three months in advance. About a thousand people take on either a 16 or a 26 mile circuit. Now 99.9% of this is off-road, up hills of goo and down dales of, well, you dont always know what, suffice to say that some of these fields are inhabited by cows..I’ll go no further, you might be eating.
It is one of those “never again” events that you just know you’ll be entering again next year…some people will never learn. This is a challenge that as we say in the trade is “BLOOMIN HARD WORK”…well, something like that anyway.

16 Milers
Liz Walton and Bob Oakham using Nordic walking poles finished in 5hrs 44 mins
Caroline Upton and Darren Appleton ran in 3hrs 9mins and a bit
26 Milers
John Miller 7hrs 11mins
Stuart Ashley 7hrs 22mins
Edward Casebourne 8hrs 31mins
Lets make no mistake, these last three completed the Marathon Distance in circumstances that would daunt the SAS….if you are wearing a hat, take it off out of respect !!
A long way away in Gorgeous Bath, Pam Ross finished her very first Half Marathon in 2hrs 16mins 14 secs. Now Bath really is a sensational City and for those who know it, the start on Great Pulteney Street has to be one of the best, representing all that is fine and Georgian in a World Heritage City. Pam’s course took her up both sides of the River Avon, sharing the roads with some 12,000 other runners.
A great first ‘Half’ Pam…where next ?
Nearer home, Wyn Thomas and John Geeson lined up for the Rushcliffe 10k, just outside Nottingham in Ruddington. This is a super run, just as Uppy-Downy as one could wish for with excellent surfaces, and, if last year was anything to be judged by, a pretty decent T-Shirt as well.
This was Johns first race of the year and he knocked off a fine 54.19, already well on his way for a sub-54 min run at the Lincoln 10k in a months time. Wyn had “A good run” with his 54.54.
Well done Chaps !
The’ Toonie Express Adventure Running Club’, are, and I’ll try to be kind here,…basically a Bunch of Nutters , made up from a variety of Renegade Rascals from clubs in the area. To a member they have this one thing in common..Challenge..Daring..Risk..and Fun (I’m not being picky, but thats four..Ed ). Toonie Races feature tough terrain, foot-hobbling surfaces with, ideally some Sludge chucked in for good measure. It all happened on Sunday morning in the shape of the Lincolnshire Poacher Challenge in Ancaster, out Sleaford way. A Half-Marathon distance run starting and finishing at Ancaster’s Woodland Waters Outdoor Centre, took runners along a well marked route, with plenty of Marshals at key points. Three Drinks Stations and homemade soup and cake….for those who didn’t know, Runners are partly made of cake..oh, and a Toonie Mug was presented to this lot.
Andy Pritchett 2hrs 3mins
Caroline Upton,( the day after completing the Belvoir Challenge) and Dick Brumby both did 2hrs 11mins
Kate and Alan Fisher 2hrs 22mins
Mike Bullock was on searing form and came in 6th with a mind-boggling 1hr 35 mins
Three walked the course:
Gill Beaumont finished in 3hrs 53mins and Kath Ashley, partnered by Sue Sterling crossed the line in 4hrs 45 mins.
All in all a good spread of events both near and far for Notfast Members, who together covered some 284 miles.