“Skeleton Run 5mile “, offroad Night Run, Beacon Hill ,Loughborough

For those who did the’ Skellington’ Run last year ,you might like to know that Bob, David ,Liz and Caroline took part in that most wonderful run last night. Perfect weather, atmosphere and terrain, a great crowd enjoying a great night out in the fresh air, superb views from the high ground (250 metres of climb ,2.5 times ) on a calm, starlit night , some fantastic cossies and make up..and..would you believe it that two blokes ran in dresses ??  The event is marshalled in a very ‘unobtrusive’ way, it felt more like a big gang just out for a lark..its not really a race at all. Very well organised.

Liz and Caroline looked great with the bat masks, tutus , black lipstick and appropriate facial scarring and  blood dribbling mouths

The two luminous beasties that jumped out of the bushes on the final hill so took me by surprise that I couldn’t get my breath back and I had to walk a bit..the two lasses behind me echoed my own sentiment by calling them “B******s”…marvellous !!

As Liz said “I could do this every Friday night”..I’m not so sure about that, at one point she was laughing so much in the back of the car that she had to use her inhaler !

Chips in the car on the way home at Bottesford just about rounded off a perfect night out.

Many thanks to David ‘Dodo’ Watt (black frock) for being Chauffeur.


Jill McIntyre went off to Great Witchingham..( smashing Halloween name eh ?) ,in Norfolk. This was for another of those Uber Tough challenges over a 10k course, all off-road the obstacles included some thirty Horse Jumps, a one hundred and fifty freezing cold river section, what she describes as “The long and nasty Hill” plus lots of mud pits. Cold, very wet..at one point waist deep in mud do you believe ??

70mins and 41 secs of “Immense Fun” is how she summed it up…..Bless !!

The Worksop Half Marathon on Sunday was the 30th ‘Half’ that the Worksop Harriers and AC had put on. More a hilly course than that oft used word, undulating, this is not a ‘Half’ for the faint-hearted. Well organised, perhaps its Runners World Forum rating of 95% “Would do it again” responses say it all. On a fresh but not over cold morning some 7 Notfast runners faced the start line.  For one of their number this was a significant one to be sure,..for 77 year old George Combes this was his 99th Half Marathon !

Here goes then, results, in no particular order::

Nick Smith                      1.44.27

John Blundy                     1.46.03

David Watt                       1.47.11

Richard Brumby                1.47.53

Andy Pritchett                   1.47.04

George Combes                 2.57.00

Caroline  Upton                  1,49.53

George really, really appreciated the support from Club members, both present and past who gave him such well needed and indeed, deserved support.


Jill McIntyre took on the Evil Sheriff Duathlon at Sherwood Pines. This consists of a 5k trail run followed by 16k on the mountain bike and after that another 3k on foot. We all know that Jill would look at the runs as mere bagatelles, but by her own admission is ” not very accomplished” on the bike.”.not very accomplished” is a term that is printable, her own definition being very much less so.

Her claim that she “finished in the dark” must be seen as a wild exaggeration but nonetheless her time of 2hrs 31mins must be applauded for her pluck and surely a time that, next time, she will chop off a huge amount  in the bike section..Go Jill !

On the same morning there was a 10k trail race at the same location in Sherwood Forest, a finer setting really cannot be found in this area and the three Notfasts who took part were treated to lovely weather and excellent organisation. For one, it was especially exciting, to pin a number on your front for the first time is always a very special occasion..maybe some of you can still remember ?

Adrienne “Peachy” Peach………58.35…………..1st ever 10k…nice one Peachy !

Ali Lawrence……………………….54.15

Wyn Thomas………………………51.55

Mike Bullock, along with 999 others faced a tough challenge on Sunday morning..the Rutland Water Marathon. This is set in another outstandingly pretty location..The Water is one of the country’s most important wildlife sanctuaries, home to some 20,000 birds, not least of all the magnificent 6-foot wingspan Osprey..the Fish Eagle..or as you, dear reader will know it fondly as,’ Pandion Haliaetus’..these are ‘Raptors’…mean, hungry, ruthless.

A couple of hundred feet below these wheeling killing machines stand a thousand runners , none is looking to the skies, only to watches and garmins. There is not a wellie or binocular to be seen. This is a Toughie.

Running round a big pond sounds lovely…wrong !..Rutland Water was formed by combining three valleys and the result is a long series of hills. Success is measured in terms of survival, not time, well at least for the majority.  Mike Bullock was under no apprehension that this was not going to be anything other than gruelling. He reports an early fast start followed by a grim middle section but finishing in a Nitro-fuelled finish.

How about this then..a personal best by some two minutes..3.14.04 to be chip-timed precise…16th out of 1000..brilliant ! .This time will give Mike a Good-for-Age qualifying place for Boston and Edinburgh Marathons.

Mike was a very happy Boy down at the Pub that evening, wearing a decent t-shirt, lovely medal, but a grin to eclipse any physical prize, and lets face it, this is all about hard work and determination…lets call it Survival of the Fittest..the stuff that puts the Osprey top of the tree and Mike at the front of the pack.

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