A good turn out for the club 10k on Sunday, 23 runners and about 6 walkers . Far better weather than last year when it was rather slippery underfoot.
I did my usual ‘back to front’ handicap – everyone starts together and when everyone has gone I set about working out everyone’s handicap with Martin’s help. Always difficult unless you can remember how each runner has been running over the last few weeks, the problem of those who you haven’t seen for the last few weeks and the inevitable runner, the ‘ringer’ who seems to have pulled all the stops out and runs far better than expected.
Having sorted the handicaps I drove around the course to make sure there were problems and before long saw one member  a lot further up the field than I expected ……. Yes it looked as though I‘d got the handicapping wrong again… this was the ‘ringer’ !!!

Well done to John Geeson for winning the handicap.


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