This week Mike Bullock of NOTFAST ran a frightful Ultra plus in Snowdonia.  Mike started off toeing the line in beautiful Caernarfon castle with 500 other hopefuls to run The Man v Mountain race.  The race started in freezing rain and fog and proceeded, to then up, Mount Snowdon on a treacherous wet slippery path.  Views were zeroed by the freezing fog and the run was fuelled by adrenaline from the fear of catastrophe.  Thoughts of Miner’s Track and Pyg Trail disappeared into thoughts of survival.  The route climbed for 13miles through the rain and cloud.  Encouragement from the mountain railway passengers sounded like insults when ‘get your knees up’ was all they could manage while they kept warm and dry.  Runners arrived back near the start after 21 exhausting miles.  This is where the ‘obstacles’ began.  They started with ‘The Vertical Mile’.  This translates as an uphill, mile long slippery slate path, steeper than a sky tv subscription, followed by another long run.  Then runners abseil down a ravine like Tom Cruise and run down a vertical mile.  Next they leap off a 30 foot high plank into a freezing lake, then an underwater swim under a submerged obstacle.  This was followed by a ‘water wipeout’ activity on a giant inflatable.  More obstacles included two underwater pipes to swim through, more lakes to wade, swim, or struggle through and a tank which surely was not a cess pit even if it seemed to be.  Finally climb a couple of walls and finish more dead than alive after 5h04min in 93rd place.  Emergency first aid was hot tea and beef burgers and slowly recovery began.  Mike’s final comment was; ‘BRILLIANT day out, and everybody should try it at least once in their life.  Harder than hard but I can’t stop smiling!’

Steve Needham competed in the Vitruvian Triathlon at Rutland Water on Saturday 31st Aug  which he completed in 7.00.49, a good 5th in his age category

David Watt completed the Longshaw Fell Race in Derbyshire on Saturday 07th in a time of 1hr 03mins. This 5 and a half mile race with 650feet of ascent is part of the Longshaw sheepdog trials and includes Higger Tor.

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