Notfast 10k

It is with both regret and disappointment that we announce the NOTFAST 10k will not be held in 2019. As with all road races, permission needs to be given by the Notts CC Highways Dept. for the event to take place. Although the route has previously been accepted, they are no longer willing to agree for the event to include running on the A616.

The main reason given is that there is no continuous footpath for runners’ use, and current safety requirements are not met. The road cannot be closed for the duration of the race, as there is no suitable diversion route. Without the A616 completing the loop, this would leave a basic, unattractive, out and back course. The Notfast committee discussed whether to try and arrange another course for 2019, possible venues, routes etc. or whether we cancel 2019 and re-launch in 2020.

It was agreed that it is too late for us to arrange another course that would be ready for July 2019. A decision was made to hold the next race in 2020.